Getting Back On The Wagon

It’s been 177 days since I fell off the clean eating wagon. I’d done it for 30 days, prepping my meals for each week in advance. I was also in the gym 5-6 days a week and setting new PRs. By the end of that time I’d lost 14lbs, lessened my insulin resistance, and cut my blood pressure medication dose in half.

Then for my birthday I indulged in foods I hadn’t eaten in more than a month. From there it snowballed from one unhealthy snack to a whole meal of poor choices. After awhile, I had been “off the wagon” for so long I couldn’t even see it on the horizon. Maybe another would come along and I’d get back on?

I kept telling myself, “next week I’ll do meal prep.” Next week I would make good choices. Next week became the first of the next month. That cycle continued for months. Along with my insulin resistance creeping back up, so did my blood pressure. In fact, I’m right back to where I started, but with an extra 17lbs I didn’t have at the beginning of this year.

Now, I didn’t just decide overnight to start eating healthy again. Not even close. It’s instead been a growing list of things that have brought me back to this decision. Physical pain, regret, lethargy, insomnia, and many more reasons. But rather than just go all out overnight, I wanted a greater understanding. I wanted to learn from my mistakes and appreciate how I arrived here.

I’ve started this journey not just with the meal prepping and healthy eating. This journey first began a couple weeks ago when I resolved to start logging my food intake so I knew exactly what was going into my body. This also has helped me to draw a correlation between intake and results. Not just weight, but realizing what foods made me more lethargic, etc. I’m a visual learner and seeing the data has really given me a better foundation than just arbitrarily deciding to do it to be more healthy.

I could probably keep writing but it’s late and I wanted to be asleep an hour ago. Here’s to day 1 of making better choices and being never better!